Verfasst von: Resa | 25/05/17

Argh – Rezzing Problems :-o

For the first time in years of freebie blogging I am so frustrated by doing a quest, I have to mention it here. Otherwise I am going to burst.
Ok. It is the Babysitting Quest at Flawless Sim. Nice Prizes, all free, sounds good. But. I literally wasted HOURS to do it. And why? Rezzing Problems! Aaaargh!

There are 11 Prices, you get them, when you completed the quest. Finally I can show you some ^^. Have fun!

quest flawless2



  1. It’s really strange that it took you hours…not trying to brag or anything sweetie, but It only took me like 30 mins and I found it super easy since it’s literally just „follow the hud’s directions to walk around and wait“. Ah well, sometimes things don’t go „according to plan“ xD I hope it didn’t ruin too much of your day! And, the tree (and child figures) you’re looking for is literally right next to Entice’s building; like, if you’re facing the entrance to go inside, it’s on the left side of the building; unless it’s not loading properly that is… maybe that’s the problem for you?


    • Hmmmmm…maybe!
      Heeeey! You were right! YAAAAAY! Finally! Hoooooo!


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